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Essay-shop.com  professional essays, term papers, reports and reviews.
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 The probe New Horizon is approaching a strange red object in Space The probe New Horizon is approaching a strange red object in Space Space probe NASA New Horizons is currently on the way to the mysterious object from the Kuyper belt, to open earlier astronomers asteroid MU69. Recent observations of the asteroid show only a reddish tint of the surface, even more red than that of Pluto. Little object has a diameter in the range of about 30 and 45 km, is 2.6 billion kilometers beyond Pluto. New Horizons will get there in time for 1 January 2019, the year, then the device will have is 43 times farther from the Sun than our planet Earth (150 million km). The probe will be able to get close to the asteroid MU69 much ...

A software bug is causing the crash probe Schiaparelli A software bug is causing the crash probe Schiaparelli Yet say what exactly the cause of the crash a research probe on Mars is difficult, data is very little, but some experimental developments in this direction already. Scientists believe that a fatal mistake could be a software glitch. Researchers from the European space Agency believe that computer error is the cause of the accident probe Schiaparelli, if the software worked as expected, the device without any problems was about to land on Mars. Now, scientists must isolate and correct the error, so it is not repeated when the next mission in 2020-th year, when it will be send to t...

The SpaceX company returned to the stage space with the successful launch The SpaceX company returned to the stage space with the successful launch
2016-the year was relatively good for SpaceX, the company Elon musk came to the creation of the rocket reusable, everything seems to go according to plan. Of course sometimes there are situations not too good as in autum... (2017-01-17)
Is it possible to create something that could be better familiar iPhone* Is it possible to create something that could be better familiar iPhone*
If someone has created and it`s something that someone is that is created brings popularity and lot of money, it is not unique, it is rather a pattern. If you develop the theme in the direction of creation, with the guara... (2017-01-17)
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